Get Control Over Your Stereo Image

Getting the stereo image right is one of the most crucial parts of any mix. For me, getting a wide but controlled mix has always been this monster I have never quite been able to tame. NASE makes controlling your stereo field a little bit easier.

Wide or Narrow?

With just two main sliders, NASE makes day-to-day width control extremely easy. The Width slider controls the balance between your audio’s mid and side information. Turn it up for a wide and down for a more narrow sound. Turn on automatic gain compensation to keep the overall volume from increasing when boosting the sides. The Stereoize slider makes even mono signals wider while not messing up your mix when played in mono.

See The Difference

The large vectorscope between the two main sliders tells you everything you need to know about your stereo image. The wider the drawing, the wider your signal. Don’t feel like producing? Play stereoized sine waves through NASE and watch the vectorscope create cool rotating 3D shapes.

Make Some Noise!

The name NASE stands for Noise-Assisted Stereo Enhancer. With the two noise modules, you can add noise that dynamically follows your source audio’s volume separately for the middle and sides. Each noise module has controls for release speed, low-pass filtering, and high-pass filtering. Adding noise to your sounds can make them sound wider and fuller.

The Magic Button

Maybe it’s not quite magic, but the Bass Mono is an incredibly powerful button. Turning it on folds the low-frequency content of your audio to mono, saving you from all kinds of nasty phase problems with your final mix.

Keep It Composed

Adding width is very easy to overdo. NASE’s correlation meter helps you find the right balance. When the meter leans towards minus one, phase cancellation might occur when playing your track in mono speakers.


Choose from 10 colour themes.

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Audio Demo

Listen to three demo clips with NASE being turned on for the second half of each one.

See It In Action

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System Requirements

DAW: 64-bit VST3 or AAX support

OS: Windows 8.1 or newer

DAW: 64-bit AU, VST3 or AAX support

OS: macOS 10.13 or newer (Universal Binary)