Fatter Don't Have To Mean Flatter

Distortion and saturation are great ways of making individual tracks, sub-mixes, and even whole mixes sound professional and alive. However, with great power comes great responsibility. Even a slight amount can compromise your dynamic range. With F(l)atter, not only do you have a distortion type for all situations, you can keep things dynamic with just one mouse click.

Fast Multiband Workflow

F(l)atter was designed from the very beginning to be the best multiband distortion plugin possible with the bare minimum amount of controls. Up to four bands, all in the same minimalistic interface.

46 Distortion Types

In addition to normal and inverted linear functions, F(l)atter has 46 tasteful distortion functions organized under the categories: aggressive, asymmetric, clean, experimental, rectify, saturation, and utility. Find the right amount of harmonics for any sound.

Efficiency Is Key

F(l)atter fuses two of the most important distortion controls into one control surface. Drag on the vertical axis for mix and the horizontal axis for the drive. This way, you can find the right blend as efficiently as possible and get back to being creative.

Get the Harmonics, Keep the Dynamics

F(l)atter’s unique dynamic modes enable distortion processing only on the attack or release of your sounds. Emphasize transients, push out small details or create transparent saturation losing no dynamic range. The sensitivity slider adapts the amount of dynamic distortion for any input.

Dynamic Distortion Demo

Below is a demonstration of the different processing modes using the “Fat” distortion function, full mix, and about 50% drive. The demo goes in the order of: no distortion -> normal distortion -> distortion for attack -> distortion for release.


It’s sometimes refreshing to change the look of the plugins we use daily. So you don’t get bored of always looking at the same colors on your screen, F(l)atter comes with 10 distinct themes you can alternate between to keep things fresh. Which one will end up being your favorite?

6th Club Access Included

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See It In Action

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Start creating with F(l)atter in just a few clicks. If you have any questions or concerns, check the FAQ page, or contact me directly here. I am more than happy to help you! 


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Download Free Trial

You can evaluate F(l)atter with the trial version before making your purchase. The trial versions have full functionality, but the sound will mute for a couple of seconds in 40-second intervals. 

Key Features

System requirements

DAW: 64-bit VST3 or AAX support

OS: Windows 8.1 or newer

DAW: 64-bit AU, VST3 or AAX support

OS: macOS 10.9 or newer (Intel & M1)


NOTE: Due to my own error, I had to change the manufacturer code inside the plugin for version 1.0.2. This, unfortunately, means, that if you have purchased an earlier version of the plugin and updated it to the latest one, the plugin will have to be rescanned inside your DAW. Another unfortunate consequence is that old projects that have previous versions of the plugin might not be able to open the new version for the same reason. 

If you would prefer an earlier version over the latest one, let me know, and I would be happy to send it to you. 🙂