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Welcome to Sixth Sample. If you are looking for tools to make better music easier, you are on the right website. Feel free to look around!

Too many plugins have an overwhelming amount of knobs and buttons, from which the majority gets never touched. You end up paying for features you don’t use, and the interface is pointlessly complicated for your needs. Not only is it hard to achieve a good workflow, but the learning curve can also be very steep.

For me, almost every plugin in my collection has one great feature I catch myself returning to almost habitually. Sometimes one control is all I need from a plugin costing over a hundred bucks. That amount of money for one feature isn’t really what you call cost-effective.

That was the motivation behind Sixth Sample. Stripped-down, focused, and effortless music production tools that don’t cost a fortune.

Why Sixth Sample?


Affordable Pricing

Individual audio effects shouldn't cost more than a few tenners. With the focused functionality of Sixth Sample plugins, you only pay for features you actually need.


Fast and Personal Support

You are the number one priority. Get in touch any time about anything you like, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.


6th Club

Purchase a Sixth Sample plugin, and gain lifetime access to an ever-growing library of extra music production content. Sample packs, preset packs, and more!


A sneak peeks at my terrible sketches and early prototypes. As you can probably see, I am no graphic designer. Discover more images on the Sixth Sample Instagram page. Prefer videos? Check you the Sixth Sample YouTube Channel.